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Cloudera cookbook

Installs and configures Cloudera's Hadoop + Hive


The cookbook is on a fairly good shape now, it was used to stand up a production cluster. New version is coming which will DRY up the codebase.


  • Chef 10
  • Redhat, CentOS


Version attributes

  • node[:hadoop][:version] - Cloudera "sub version", cloudera provides rpms with version info in the rpm name. Default 0.20
  • node[:hadoop][:release] - Cloudera release. 3u1, 3u2, etc. Used to derive url path for repo file, if you provide something different make sure the cloudera repos (5 & 6) still supports that version. Default 3u3

Configuration attributes

  • node[:hadoop][:conf_dir] - The hadoop config dir used inside /etc/hadoop and referenced via the alternatives system. Default conf.chef
  • node[:hadoop][:namenode_port] - Port for namenode service. Default 54310
  • node[:hadoop][:jobtracker_port] - Port for jobtracker service. Default 54311

##Rack-aware attributes

  • node[:hadoop][:rackaware][:datacenter] - What datacenter is this hadoop node in. Default default
  • node[:hadoop][:rackaware][:rack] - What rack is this hadoop node in. Default rack0

Alternate install location attributes

  • node[:hadoop][:yum_repo_url] - Provide an alternate yum install localtion. If you change this attribute node[:hadoop][:release] will not be used to derive the yum_repo_url and you are expected to provide a path to a working repo for the node[:hadoop][:version] used. Default nil
  • node[:hadoop][:yum_repo_key_url] - Provide an alternate yum repo key location. Default nil Currently not implamented!

License and Author

Author:: Cliff Erson (

Author:: Jamie Winsor (

Author:: Istvan Szukacs (

Author:: Dani Abel Rayan (

Copyright 2012, Riot Games

See LICENSE for license details


Cloudera (Hadoop + Hive) chef cookbook




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