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DAT team's hubot
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This is a version of GitHub's Campfire bot, hubot. She's pretty cool. This version runs on Riot Games' internal Jabber server.

Playing with LeFay

LeFay runs under ~lefay on the DAT (Deployment Automation Tools) team's defunct git server. She runs in a loop that continuously checks for updates from this Git repository.

All you need to do is commit changes and then say "lefay: please, when you have a moment, reboot yourself" in open chat.

Take a look at the scripts in the ./scripts folder for examples. Add whatever functionality you want LeFay to have.


There will inevitably be functionality that everyone will want. Instead of adding it to hubot itself, you can submit pull requests to hubot-scripts. To enable scripts from the hubot-scripts package, add the script name with extension as a double quoted string to the hubot-scripts.json file in this repo.

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