Vim plugin that use clang for completing C/C++ code.
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Script for fetching cursors kinds from Index.h

This script was created in reaction to the original comment:

# Manually extracted from Index.h
# Doing it by hand is long, error prone and horrible, we must find a way
# to do that automatically.

It seems to do the job. Just pass the path of Index.h as first argument
and it regenerates the new file holding the dictionary.


This plugin uses clang for accurately completing C and C++ code.

To build and install in one step, type:
$ make install

To build and install in two steps, type:
$ make
$ vim clang_complete.vmb -c 'so %' -c 'q'

Alternatively, you can also put the files in ~/.vim/

You need Vim 7.3 or higher, compiled with python support and ideally, with
the conceal feature.

See doc/clang_complete.txt for help and license.

#### Troubleshooting

The first step is to check values of 'omnifunc' and 'completefunc' options in
a C++ buffer where completion doesn't work (the value should be ClangComplete).
This can be done with the following command: set omnifunc? completefunc?

Output of :messages command after startup could also show something useful in
case there were problems with plugin initialization.

If everything is fine, next step might be to load only clang_complete plugin
and see if anything changes.