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@@ -1,4 +1,4 @@
-*clang_complete.txt* For Vim version 7.3. Last change: 2012 Aug 29
+*clang_complete.txt* For Vim version 7.3. Last change: 2013 Mar 3
clang_complete plugin documentation
@@ -108,8 +108,8 @@ Note: You could use the g:ClangUpdateQuickFix() to do the same with a mapping.
-If equal to 1, it will do some snippets magic after a ( or a , inside function
-call. Not currently fully working.
+If equal to 1, it will do some snippets magic on code placeholders like
+function argument, template parameters, etc.
Default: 0
@@ -146,22 +146,9 @@ If equal to 1, the preview window will be close automatically after a
Default: 0
- *clang_complete-exec*
- *g:clang_exec*
-Name or path of clang executable.
-Note: Use this if clang has a non-standard name, or isn't in the path.
-Default: "clang"
-When using clang executable the value of this option is added at the end of
-clang command. Useful if you want to filter the result, or do other stuffs.
-To ignore the error code returned by clang, set |g:clang_exec| to `"clang` and
-|g:clang_user_options| to `2>/dev/null || exit 0"` if you're on *nix, or to
-`2>NUL || exit 0"` if you are on windows.
-When using libclang the value of this option is passed to libclang as
-compilation arguments.
+Additionnal compilation argument passed to libclang.
Example: >
" compile all sources as c++11 (just for example, use .clang_complete for
@@ -239,47 +226,16 @@ Defaut: 0
5. Known issues *clang_complete-issues*
-If you find that completion is slow, please read the |clang_complete-pch|
-section below.
If you get following error message while trying to complete anything: >
E121: Undefined variable: b:should_overload
it means that your version of Vim is too old (this is an old bug and it has
been fixed with one of patches for Vim 7.2) and you need to update it.
-If clang is not able to compile your file, it cannot complete anything. Since
-clang is not supporting every C++0x features, this is normal if it can do any
-completion on C++0x file.
-There is no difference in clang's output between private methods/members and
-public ones. Which means that I cannot filter private methods on the
-completion list.
-6. PCH *clang_complete-pch*
-In case you can not or you do not want to install libclang, a precompiled
-header file is another way to accelerate compilation, and so, to accelerate
-the completion. It is however more complicated to install and is still slower
-than the use of libclang.
-Here is how to create the <vector> pch, on linux (OSX users may use
--fnext-runtime instead of -fgnu-runtime): >
- clang -x c++-header /path/to/c++/vector -fno-exceptions -fgnu-runtime \
- -o vector.pch
-You just have to insert it into your .clang_complete: >
- echo '-include-pch /path/to/vector.pch -fgnu-runtime' >> .clang_complete
-One of the major problem is that you cannot include more that one pch, the
-solution is to put the system headers or non changing headers into another
-header and then compile it to pch: >
- echo '#include <iostream>\n#include <vector>' > pchheader.h
- clang -x c++-header ./pchheader.h -fno-exceptions -fnu-runtime \
- -o ./pchheader.pch
-And then add it to the .clang_complete file.
+Ubuntu users may need to install libclang-dev: >
+ apt-get install libclang-dev
-7. script *clang_complete-cc_args*
+6. script *clang_complete-cc_args*
This script, installed at ~/.vim/bin/, could be used to generate or
update the .clang_complete file. It works similar to gccsence's gccrec and
@@ -295,17 +251,14 @@ new options. If you don't want to update an existing configuration file,
delete it before running make.
-8. To do *clang_complete-todo*
+7. To do *clang_complete-todo*
- Write some unit tests
- - clang vs libclang accuracy for complex completions
- - clang vs libclang timing
- Explore "jump to declaration/definition" with libclang FGJ
- Think about supertab (<C-X><C-U> with supertab and clang_auto_select)
-- Parse fix-its and do something useful with it
-9. FAQ *clang_complete-faq*
+8. FAQ *clang_complete-faq*
*) clang_complete doesn't work! I always get the message "pattern not found".
@@ -342,9 +295,9 @@ adding the following line to your vimrc:
set completeopt=menu,longest
-10. License *clang_complete-license*
+9. License *clang_complete-license*
-Copyright (c) 2010, 2011, Xavier Deguillard
+Copyright (c) 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 Xavier Deguillard
All rights reserved.
Redistribution and use in source and binary forms, with or without

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