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Document the behaviour of getCompilationDBParams when a file is not f…

…ound in the compilation database
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@@ -182,7 +182,10 @@ Set sources for user options passed to clang. Available sources are:
output this information. clang_complete will search upwards from where vi
was started for a database named 'compile_commands.json'.
Note : compilation databases can only be used when 'g:clang_use_library'
- equals 1 and the clang libraries are recent enough (clang>=3.2).
+ equals 1 and the clang libraries are recent enough (clang>=3.2). The
+ compilation database only contains information for the C/C++ sources files,
+ so when editing a header, clang_complete will reuse the compilation
+ arguments from the last file found in the database.
- {anything} else will be treaded as a custom option source in the following
manner: clang_complete will try to load the autoload-function named
getopts#{anything}#getopts, which then will be able to modify

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