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Compatibility with delimitMate (<CR> conflict) #136

pera opened this Issue Apr 13, 2012 · 6 comments

3 participants

pera commented Apr 13, 2012

Hi, I am not sure if you can do something to fix this problem but there is a conflict with delimitMate when you try to expand {} using <CR>
Maybe you could add an option for change the default mapping.. or maybe there is some "smart" way to have this mapping coexisting but depending on the context (eg <CR> is needed by clang_complete only when the menu is opened)

Meanwhile my dirty way to solve this was: inoremap <expr> <buffer> <S-CR> <SID>HandlePossibleSelectionEnter()


pera commented May 18, 2012

Ok I found a better way to solve this:

line 88: inoremap <expr> <buffer> <CR> <SID>HandlePossibleSelectionEnter()

" Based on
if maparg('<CR>','i') =~ '<Plug>delimitMateCR'
    exe "inoremap <expr> <buffer> <CR> ".maparg('<CR>', 'i')."<SID>HandlePossibleSelectionEnter()"
    inoremap <expr> <buffer> <CR> <SID>HandlePossibleSelectionEnter()

(sorry for being lazy and not pulling this code... could somebody else do it?)

xaizek commented May 18, 2012

Nice, thanks. This thing annoyed me too. It works great, but I think it's too specific. Do you think we can check just for existence of mapping with if maparg('<CR>','i') != '' ? I know it works, but maybe it's a bad idea to do so?

pera commented May 18, 2012

yeah I was thinking the same, but I wasn't sure neither :x I mean, maybe you can just concatenate the maparg (without any conditional block) because it will gives you an empty string anyway...

@xaizek xaizek added a commit that closed this issue May 26, 2012
@xaizek xaizek Preserve existing <CR> mappings in insert mode
Closes #136. Thanks to @pera.
@xaizek xaizek closed this in f6ced73 May 26, 2012
xaizek commented May 26, 2012

Thanks again, I didn't find any issues and changed mapping of the Enter key.

yshui commented May 27, 2012

This doesn't work well with neocomplcache mapping:

inoremap <expr><CR>  neocomplcache#smart_close_popup()

Result in a E15: Invalid expression

@xaizek xaizek reopened this May 27, 2012
xaizek commented May 27, 2012

After trying to make it work I must admit that I do not understand how the code in endwise works and how we can combine delimitMate, endwise and clang_complete mappings of the Enter key. So I reverted my previous commit and reopened the issue. I'll get back to this later, when I have more free time.

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