Last changes discarded when goto declaration (^]) and return (^T). #294

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When I'm working on a file (adding some stuff, etc.), then jumping with ^] to another file and then with ^T back, and I do not see my last (since the last write, explicitly :w) changes.

I do not know whether autowrite[all] should trigger when goto declaration is initiated, or another mechanism should be used, but the last changes are discarded atm, I think this is ungood.

Thanks and greetings!


I can reproduce when 'hidden' is not set. Let me investigate.

@Rip-Rip Rip-Rip closed this in 308b236 Mar 9, 2013

@crashmaster: instead of fixing the "issue" inside clang_complete, I warn the user if the buffer is not saved and if 'hidden' is not set.

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