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oblitum added some commits Aug 12, 2012
@oblitum oblitum Fix premature loading of g:clang_user_options
Evaluation of arguments, set through g:clang_user_options, to call
clang, was happening to early in VIM's new buffer event, not giving
time for others scripts or VIM himself to initialize it properly.

This Fix delay-loads initialization of arguments to the moment where
they are requested.
@oblitum oblitum oh, python has properties =) 9e110f6
@oblitum oblitum Performance improvement matching completions
Fix unnecessary usage of regular expressions and higher order
functions in the completion matching phase.
@oblitum oblitum Basic memory management
Fix the TU "leak" by using a TU pool.
Recent TU's are the last to be deleted. This fix creates a dependency
on the psutil python module (very portable and supported).

User can now set g:clang_memory_percent to give a hint for the maximum
ammount of RAM to be used by TU's. (default = 50)
@oblitum oblitum Fix slowness due to formatting and snippets
Instead of formatting and decorating with snippets all the results
of a completion operation, now it fetches a designated amount of
results for formatting, decorating and add to the completion menu.

The fetching amount is based on pumheight, if it's 0 then a default
value of 50 is used.

This fix the delay due to formatting/decorating a large amount of
results as in 'std::' or 'boost::' for example.
@oblitum oblitum Merge branch 'suppress_unused_args_diagnostic' b20e278
@oblitum oblitum Merge branch 'delayed_options' c955ef3
@oblitum oblitum Merge branch 'performance' bbe5320
@oblitum oblitum cindex at 162424 clang's trunk revision
This commit also contains clang_complete's libclang path hack and
optimizations to avoid string comparisons by employing the raw_kind
@oblitum oblitum Merge branch 'empty_bufname' e3379fa
@oblitum oblitum Merge branch 'master' into cindex 0806eed
@oblitum oblitum Some refactoring + new background parsing function cc813b9
@oblitum oblitum Parsing notifications added 8a8619c
@oblitum oblitum Using @CachedProperty 9e8dd29
@oblitum oblitum Avoids Parsing notifications with QuickFix 6cd2c7a
@oblitum oblitum cindex CompletionString availability updates 30b3de7
@oblitum oblitum Removes duplicated line 926397d
@oblitum oblitum Removes time.sleep hacks and automatic Warm Up
Usage of time.sleep was really a dirty hack for enabling VIM calls
by a secondary thread. Progress now is in the right track by avoiding
VIM calls from secondary threads: VIM is not multithread, this is not
As such, there's no automatic background WarmUpCache on loading,
it should be requested manually, consciously after configuration
@oblitum oblitum Add missing C++11 Type Alias cursor kind 345d9e5

I have nothing to do with this ok


@rafiks: what are you trying to achieve here? At minimum, this code needs some work before it can be merged, you just dropped it like that, without explanation. And the first concerned (@oblitum), was apparently not aware of that...

@Rip-Rip Rip-Rip closed this Feb 2, 2013
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