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@gsilvestri gsilvestri released this Mar 27, 2019

First release for the kapu-desktop 2.0 API.


  • XPX MainNET V.2.0 support
  • XPX DevNET V.2.0 support
  • ARK MainNET V.2.0 support
  • ARK DevNET V.2.0 support
  • KAPU MainNET V.2.0 support
  • XQR MainNET V.2.0 support
  • XPH MainNET V.2.0 support
  • Ledger support
  • For a list of comprehensive features check the ark-desktop-wallet 2.2.0 release here



System MD5
ripa-desktop-wallet-linux-x64-2.2.2.tar.gz e5868987cd5a8eff517bc6a9510c2d53
ripa-desktop-wallet-linux-amd64-2.2.3.deb 405489c5d47a056770e485c05f4c0112
ripa-desktop-wallet-linux-x86_64-2.2.2.AppImage 28aaa7be35e1688aa86dfa58af23d113
ripa-desktop-wallet-win-2.2.3.exe 5DFEDA7B1E91FB304215012A7713963F
ripa-desktop-wallet-win-2.2.3.exe.blockmap 78924CF6141A47E7DB334C82DCA04A8B
ripa-desktop-wallet-mac-2.2.2.dmg 92ddf8d8ff232a0b9306aa9282f22389
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