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Ripple Foundation - Some background

We started life as RippleOSI, the Ripple Open Source Initiative in 2015 (out of lessons learned from top to bottom within the NHS and HealthIT) with funding from the NHS in England.

As the mission progressed we formed a non profit (community interest company) Ripple Foundation in 2016 towards a commons in healthIT.

Our global mission is to support the adoption of an open platform for healthcare and to develop key open source software components to enable this change. We advocate a shift towards a software as a service model, aimed at providing the best tools to serve clinicians, so they can in turn improve the health of patients.

Ripple open source initiative

Definition of an open platform

openEHR white paper

Short openEHR explainers and healthcare background

Campaign for 1% investment into an open platform

Broader open platform components required for Healthcare

Digital Commmons Academy

Ripple Foundation - Our technical focus & related links

Our organisation and related projects, R&D experiments etc

We have focussed on 3 key areas and supported key projects as part of a broader ecosystem push.

Examples of our supported projects in action

Showcase Stack
Person Held Record -
Care Planning - End of Life care -

The challenge of open source - what's the right model?

Ripple Foundation is committed to offering free and open software, with quality, free and open documentation, but unfortunately is unable to offer free support. We offer consultancy services to support organisations on their open platform journey.

Our latest thinking on the best model to support our open platform mission in healthcare may best be understood by reading this article.

We acknowledge that "open source has a working for free problem" with more takers > givers, we sense that initiatives such as Github Sponsors, TideLift and OSS Capital are some of the range of solutions needed.

If you would like to offer some of your energy/ suggest other ideas towards progressing an open platform in healthcare, please contact us at

RippleOSI ideas

  • open governance repo for ideas and long-term planning/strategy for Ripple Stack and Ripple Foundation

  • create any suggestions and ideas in the ISSUES tab, for discussion, prioritisation and planning for key programme issues that need broader access /discussion


Start Here - for general background on the Ripple Foundation, links to our tools and the Ripple Showcase Stack






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