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remove google hashmap again (typically slower computation, only sligh…

…tly less memory)
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ubauer committed Jun 14, 2017
1 parent d898ef2 commit ad8ae0cfc24300996505fe1a2bd6795fbc6a2ed1
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@@ -5,19 +5,19 @@ all: ripser ripser-coeff ripser-reduction ripser-coeff-reduction ripser-debug

ripser: ripser.cpp
c++ -std=c++11 ripser.cpp -o ripser -Ofast -D NDEBUG -D USE_GOOGLE_HASHMAP
c++ -std=c++11 ripser.cpp -o ripser -Ofast -D NDEBUG

ripser-coeff: ripser.cpp
c++ -std=c++11 ripser.cpp -o ripser-coeff -Ofast -D NDEBUG -D USE_GOOGLE_HASHMAP -D USE_COEFFICIENTS
c++ -std=c++11 ripser.cpp -o ripser-coeff -Ofast -D NDEBUG -D USE_COEFFICIENTS

ripser-reduction: ripser.cpp
c++ -std=c++11 ripser.cpp -o ripser-reduction -Ofast -D NDEBUG -D USE_GOOGLE_HASHMAP -D ASSEMBLE_REDUCTION_MATRIX
c++ -std=c++11 ripser.cpp -o ripser-reduction -Ofast -D NDEBUG -D ASSEMBLE_REDUCTION_MATRIX

ripser-coeff-reduction: ripser.cpp
c++ -std=c++11 ripser.cpp -o ripser-coeff-reduction -Ofast -D NDEBUG -D USE_GOOGLE_HASHMAP -D USE_COEFFICIENTS -D ASSEMBLE_REDUCTION_MATRIX
c++ -std=c++11 ripser.cpp -o ripser-coeff-reduction -Ofast -D NDEBUG -D USE_COEFFICIENTS -D ASSEMBLE_REDUCTION_MATRIX

ripser-debug: ripser.cpp
c++ -std=c++11 ripser.cpp -o ripser-debug -g -D USE_GOOGLE_HASHMAP
c++ -std=c++11 ripser.cpp -o ripser-debug -g


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