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@@ -12,7 +12,7 @@ To see a live demo of Ripser's capabilities, go to []. The comput
The main features of Ripser:

- time- and memory-efficient
- less than 1000 lines of code in a single C++ file
- only about 1000 lines of code in a single C++ file
- support for coefficients in prime finite fields
- no external dependencies (optional support for Google's [sparsehash])

@@ -97,6 +97,22 @@ The following experimental features are currently available in separate branches
- `simple`: a simplified version of Ripser, without support for sparse distance matrices and coefficients. This might be a good starting point for exploring the code.
### Citing
If you use Ripser in your research or if you want to give a reference to Ripser in a paper, you may use the following bibtex entry (will be updated with complete publication data):
Author = {Ulrich Bauer},
Title = {Ripser: efficient computation of Vietoris-Rips persistence barcodes},
Month = Aug,
Year = {2019},
Eprint = {1908.02518},
Note = {Preprint}
### License
Ripser is licensed under the [MIT] license (`COPYING.txt`), with an extra clause (`CONTRIBUTING.txt`) clarifying the license for modifications released without an explicit written license agreement. Please contact the author if you want to use Ripser in your software under a different license.

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