• This is a very basic android mobile app that can stream raster code to Risha

    C# 1 Updated Mar 13, 2015
  • Lots of bug fixes and updates. Please make sure you have .net framework installed before you attempt to open the software.

    C# 1 Updated Mar 13, 2015
  • A Modified version Of GRBL To work with Arduino Mega 2560 With The Raster Capability Added For Laser Cutter CNC Machines. Download the file. unzip it. Move it to arduino libraries folder. Open arduino. Open examples. Load your sketch..et voila.

    C++ 4 4 Updated Jan 28, 2015
  • C# Updated Jan 26, 2015
  • This is the code for Atmega328p Secondry AVR For Risha Laser Cutter

    Arduino 1 Updated Oct 31, 2014
  • Final Risha STL version. Kindly use those for replicating your proto :)

    3 1 Updated Oct 25, 2014
  • This is Risha's application for cutting and engraving. For non developers, you will find your .exe file in /Paint/Paint/bin/Debug/ for developpers, please roll your sleeves and start debugging :)

    C# 1 Updated Oct 22, 2014
  • Those are your acrylic parts for the board compartment. You need to adjust them based on your machine width :)

    Updated Oct 20, 2014
  • Final Risha Shield PCB for Milling. The board is single sided and relatively easy. Contributions to re-routing, re-design are always welcome :)

    1 Updated Oct 15, 2014
  • This is Risha's upcoming proto. We call it Hummingbird, and it is coming soon ;)

    Updated Oct 7, 2014
  • Updated Sep 4, 2014
  • OLD Shield sch and brd (kept for documentation)

    IDL 1 Updated Jul 15, 2014
  • Basic Tkinter desktop interface to the RishaLaser low-cost laser cutter.

    Python Updated Jul 6, 2014
  • OLD parts kept for documentation. We recommend using files in V2 STL for building your Risha

    2 Updated Jul 5, 2014
  • Plans and documentation for building the Risha Laser Cutter

    2 3 CC0-1.0 Updated Jul 4, 2014
  • This is The Windows Risha Paint Controller program where you can Raster And Vector

    C# Updated Jul 3, 2014
  • This is a Basic Raster Algorithm Class Written In C# Called RasterInterpreter for Bitmap To Raster Data Conversion

    C# 1 Updated Jun 17, 2014
  • A Modified version Of GRBL To work with Arduino Mega 2560 With The Raster Capability Added For Laser Cutter CNC Machines

    C++ 2 Updated Jun 16, 2014
  • risha_grbl

    Forked from grbl/grbl

    (Lightly Modified to run the open-source Risha laser cutter.) An open source, embedded, high performance g-code-parser and CNC milling controller written in optimized C that will run on a straight Arduino

    C 1,753 LGPL-3.0 Updated Mar 14, 2014
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