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CV with TensorFlow Demos Twitter URL

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This repo contains supporting material for my talk about the very basics of Computer Vision with TensorFlow by example. You can check out to know more about the talks I have given about this and also take a look at the slides . Please consider giving this repo a ⭐ if this is helpful to you!

About the Notebooks


Open In Colab Binder

In this tutorial you will see how you can create a simple CNN to create an image classification algorithm with the Fashion MNIST Dataset. We will be using Keras, a high level abstraction so you can very easily get started on making your first CNN.


Open In Colab Binder

In this notebook you will create your first Computer Vision based Deep Learning model to classify between cats and dogs with TensorFlow. We will use the dogs-vs-cats dataset which is open-sourced. We will create a simple 2 class binary CNN to do so. You wil see all the aspects of training such a model, data preprocressing, the actual model, reducing overfitting and finally making inferences.