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What is Project Euler?

Project Euler is a series of challenging problems that require mathematical and programming skills. Somebody who enjoys learning new area of mathematics, project Euler is going to be a fun journey.

How to contribute?

  • Fork this repository.
  • Make a directory with the format problem_number.problem_statement in the directory of the language you're solving.
For example if you are solving Problem no 1 in java- >
Your solution should be at -> Java/01.Multiples_of_3_and_5/
  • Add :white_check_mark: to the table against the problem you've solved.
  • Name the P.R. With the format as problem_number done in This_Lang, and Mention the same in the code(File) as a comment Euler Problem_num.(Within the File)
  • While Editing The ReadMe For PR, Use "No Wrap" Option { At Top Right Of 'Edit File' Tool On Githtub}
  • Send a PR
  • Thanks

Happy Contributing! 😃

⭐ to show support!



No Problem Statement CPP Java JS Py3 Kotlin Dart C C# Go Lang R Ruby Swift
01 Multiples of 3 and 5
02 Even Fibonacci numbers
03 Largest prime factor
04 Largest palindrome product
05 Smallest multiple
06 Sum square difference
07 10001st prime
08 Largest product in a series
09 Special Pythagorean triplet
10 Summation of primes
11 Largest product in a grid
12 Highly divisible triangular number
13 Large sum
14 Longest Collatz sequence
15 Lattice paths
16 Power digit sum
17 Number letter counts
18 Maximum path sum I
19 Counting Sundays
20 Factorial digit sum
21 Amicable numbers
22 Names scores
23 Non-abundant sums
24 Lexicographic permutations
25 1000-digit Fibonacci number
26 Reciprocal cycles
27 Quadratic primes
28 Number spiral diagonals
29 Distinct powers
30 Digit fifth powers
31 Coin sums
32 Pandigital products
33 Digit cancelling fractions
34 Digit factorials
35 Circular primes
36 Double-base palindromes
37 Truncatable primes
38 Pandigital multiples
39 Integer right triangles
40 Champernowne's constant
41 Pandigital prime
42 Coded triangle numbers
43 Sub-string divisibility
44 Pentagon numbers
45 Triangular, pentagonal, and hexagonal
46 Goldbach's other conjecture
47 Distinct primes factors
48 Self powers
49 Prime permutations
50 Consecutive prime sum


  • Thanks to you all who are doing their best in solving the problems, we appriciate your efforts.
  • We thank you all for the overwelming P.R that we have recieved, To mantain the quality and response of the P.R we have updated the guidelines.
  • We are reluctant to change/modify the already merged P.R. to meet the current Guidelines, as that may modify the contributer's title to that file.
  • We would appriciate, if all of you could do the necessary modification, hence it won't affect your contribution as per HacktoberFest.
  • Keep Up the Efforts.
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