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Dump all EC2 information to a folder suitable for version control

ec2audit can output either to stdout or to a directory, and can output in json and yaml formats. Identical data should produce identical output (suitable for diff-ing).


Currently ec2audit can dump:

  • instances
  • security groups
  • volumes.


The most basic usage is:

ec2audit <region>

However the recommended usage is to output to a directory with one item per file.

ec2audit <region> -o <output_dir>

This will create instances, security_groups, and volumes folders under the <output_dir> directory, with each instance, security group and volume represented in its own file.

You can change the output format using -f json or -f yaml. For convenience you can also do -fj or -fy.

For reference, the complete usage information is represented below:

  ec2audit [options] <region>
  ec2audit -h | --help
  ec2audit -v | --version

  -h --help                               Show this screen.
  -v --version                            Show the version.

  -o --output=OUTPUT                      The output directory, stdout otherwise
  -f --format=FORMAT                      The output format: json or yaml [default: yaml]

  -I --access-key-id=ACCESS_KEY_ID        AWS access key to use (default: $AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID)[.
  -S --secret-key=SECRET_KEY              AWS secret key to use (default: $AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY).
  -K --secret-key-file=SECRET_KEY_FILE    File containing AWS secret key to use.