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A Jenkins API client for Java


A Java client for the Jenkins API

Getting Started

To get started add the following dependency to your project



The com.offbytwo.jenkins.JenkinsServer class provides the main entry point into the API. You can create a reference to the Jenkins server given its location and (optionally) a username and password/token.

JenkinsServer jenkins = new JenkinsServer(new URI("http://localhost:8080/jenkins"), "admin", "password")

At the top level you can access all of the currently defined jobs. This returns a map of job names (in lower case) to jobs.

Map<String, Job> jobs = jenkins.getJobs()

The Job class provides only summary information (name and url). You can retrieve details as follows

JobWithDetails job = jobs.get("My Job").details()

The JobWithDetails class provides you with access to the list of builds (and related information such as the first, last, successful, etc) and upstream and downstream projects.

Running Tests

To run only unit tests without invoking the integration tests use the following command:

mvn clean install -DskipITs

Running Integration Tests

To run integration tests simply start

mvn clean install

Details about Releases

You can find details about the different releases in the Release Notes.


Copyright (C) 2013, Rising Oak LLC.

Distributed under the MIT license:

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