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Automatic formatting for RON file format.
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ronfmt - simple autoformatting tool for RON

Important note:

The tool is in prealpha state. Bugs may occur, leading to loss of data. The tool creates automatic backups of files it works on, but take precautions when using it. The tool does not support comments at this time. When formatting, they will be discarded. Only use it if you don't have/care for comments in your files.

How to install

(requires nightly rustc) cargo install ronfmt

How to use

ronfmt file_to_format.ron

  • On use, the tool will create a backup file called <source_file_name>.bak in the same directory. Only the latest backup is kept. Add *.bak to your .gitignore if you would like to keep your repo clean.
  • Use -d flag to write the formatted output to the terminal instead of overwriting the source file
  • Set tab size with -t <size> (4 by default)
  • Set max line width with -w <width> (40 by default). This is a soft limit, so long or deeply-nested values may sometimes overrun it.
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