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This repository has been archived by the owner on Oct 29, 2022. It is now read-only.

Releases: Ristellise/AegisubDC

Aegisub 9216 - Inorin

03 Jul 19:39
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Aegisub 9216 - Inorin Pre-release

Hi! Yes. 9216 like uhh...


Updated Release: Reports results that ffms improperly returns TimeBases. Files has been removed and replaced with a ffms2.dll from arch1t3cht.

Aegisub 9215 - To the promised sky ~Where I was~

02 Mar 15:44
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Final Release of AegisubDC!

  • This release just bumps libass to libass/libass@5f0e845 for the user side.
  • Locale has been updated, includes French Po from: #44


I will no longer be maintaining AegisubDC as there has been a much better alternative: over at here (arch1t3cht/Aegisub)

No support will be provided. The repo will be locked and frozen.

Aegisub 9214 - Endless Sky

20 Aug 07:28
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Just rolling on. A FFMS2 Update that warrents reverting my old patch, give it a try!
This release is once again brought to you by: World Witches


  • Updated FFMS2
  • Removed pdb files.

locale-13/11/ contains an updated Indonesian localization & updated denmark localization

Aegisub 9213 - Blue Canvas

13 Jul 12:59
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This release has some substantial changes for everyone! Enjoy~
This release is once again brought to you by: World Witches


  • Updated Zoom from moex3. Hold Ctrl for some better zooming
  • Implemented non-STC for Arabic fansubbers. No support will be provided related to syntax highlighting when using non-STC.
  • Fix SRT rounding times incorrectly
  • Updated VSFilterMod
  • Fix silly selection for libass in libresrc
  • Fix mixin lines not highlighted in 0x Templater after pulling in STC.
  • Updated KaraOK
  • Updated Libass. This change is quite important as it should allow for 3rd party font managers to work & with the benefit that it should be complete.
  • [B] Hotfix freeze when trying to switch to another visual tool.
  • [C] Fix really wide float & int input boxes.
  • [D] Fix STC settings not being applied to Translation Assistant... idk why wangqr puts their changes for stc in #ifdef's =_=
  • [E] Fix Character counter not updating when switching active lines.
  • [F] Fixed Help button going to the wrong item.

NB. locale haven't changed. It is provided for convenience.

Aegisub 9212 - Barkhorn

30 Jan 09:53
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This release has been brought to you by: Witches


  • Switched to vcpkg for convenience, easier to update, etc...
  • Bundle Yutils module as default automation
  • Added new hotkey command to reload current font provider. [Default: CTRL+R]
  • Updated VSFilter to Cyberbeing/xy-VSFilter@fc01a8d
  • Updated VSFilterMod to sorayuki/VSFilterMod@R5.2.3
  • [B] Fix Visual Studio Compilation by using Unicode & WXDLL.
  • [B] Made SRT Times to always round down.
  • [C] Experimental Video Panning now uses moex3 code, all mouse issues should be fixed too. PR: Aegisub/Aegisub#207
  • [Z] Added locale folder. To use locale, unzip them in your Aegisub installation.

Aegisub 9211 - Resonance

17 Dec 04:14
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This release has been brought to you by: Resonance


  • Update libass to libass/libass@7a85325
    • Handle allocation failures
    • Make stuff more safe
    • Update & cleanup karaoke code
    • Fix memory leaks
  • Fix font loading for real. [Refer to: 493fa6c for details.]
  • Updated scripts with recursive function
  • Support WWXD keyframes [Requested by Light]
  • Readded stock karaoke templater
  • Added Experimental Unicode 6.3+ bracket matching option for libass


  • Fixed some video panning changes that went into the release and broke the player [ #5 & 1 more petzku reported.]


  • Made cases consistant

Aegisub 9210 - Over Sky

23 Oct 16:48
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This release has been brought to you by: Girls in very short pants, flying in units.


  • Update libass to 6a956a5 Click here to view all commit range
    • ass_render: Replace Segment with Rect
    • general: make harfbuzz a hard depedency
    • outline: fix style
    • Scale everything from script resolution if storage size is unknown
    • compare: set storage size before rendering
    • Factor out & improve UB-less double -> int32_t conversion
    • Fix integer overflow while parsing \fad(arg, large negative number)
    • parse_tag: handle timestamps w/o overflow & like VSFilter
    • ass_lazy_track_init: avoid integer overflow in multiply-divide
    • Fix mult_alpha of large argument & round product
    • Prevent int overflow where unsigned wraparound is desired
    • ass_render_event: simplify clip conversion to screen coordinates
    • Banner work: Line breaks, RtL, \pos & \move support, collision for banner effects & fix clipping
    • Ignore font substitution when splitting combined bitmaps
    • More glyph work.
    • shaper: handle U+FFFC characters that occur in text
  • Updated FFMS2
    • Warning: VP9 video with the version is considered experimental, try at your own risk.
    • FFmpeg version: 4.3.1
    • With audio patch included
      • Note: This will break shadowplay files, but you probably should be encoding through ffmpeg... right?
    • [V3] Fixed Webm & VP9 breakage.
    • [V4] FFMS Now supports png files.

Aegisub 9209 - Egao no Mahou

11 Oct 16:08
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This release has been brought to you by: Girls in very short pants, flying in units.


  • Smooth Scrolling [foolo]
  • Experimental Video Panning
    • Disabled by default, enable it in Settings > Experiments
    • Visual Tools are still broken, I'll get around to fix it.
    • To use, click on the video and then hold the middle mouse button
      • NOTE: There is currently no way to re-centerthe video again,
        though you may re-center it by disabling the toggle in settings which resets the behavior.
  • Update libass to 81e99a
    • font: use library as a failure flag
    • outline: use labs() for FT_Pos
    • blur: fix style
    • blur: Simplify blur algorithm
    • outline: fix overflows in outline processing

Aegisub 9208 - 0xBane

25 Sep 07:32
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  • Revert BOM fix.
  • Update karaOK Version

Aegisub 9207 - ANIMA

20 Sep 08:37
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This release is dedicated to the song name: ANIMA


  • Updated libass to 962b1a
    • Add more invisible characters to ass_shaper_skip_characters
    • Ignore metrics of trimmable whitespace on nonblank lines
    • Use bool and true/false assignments for GlyphInfo::skip
    • Don't halve non-empty line height even if wholly invisible
    • Revert exposing of freetype-provided family for fontselect.c
    • ass_parse: avoid UB and match vsfilter on negative-accel color animation
    • ass_fontconfig: use FcWeightToOpenTypeDouble
    • Skip fully parsing \t if there is no backslash

Motbob go brr