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Purescript build for docker


Build Locally

You can build the image locally by cloning the repo and running docker build . in the project root.


Note: You may need to run docker comands as a superuser (sudo) depending on how it's configured on your system.

Pull the version you want to use:

$ docker pull gyeh/purescript:0.9.1

Check to see that your image was created:

$ docker images
REPOSITORY          TAG                 IMAGE ID            CREATED             SIZE
gyeh/purescript     0.9.1               b09608732ec8        0 minutes ago       831.9 MB

Try the Purescript REPL (you need to run it in interactive mode with a pseudo-teletype):

$ docker run --rm -it b09608732ec8
 ____                 ____            _       _   
|  _ \ _   _ _ __ ___/ ___|  ___ _ __(_)_ __ | |_
| |_) | | | | '__/ _ \___ \ / __| '__| | '_ \| __|
|  __/| |_| | | |  __/___) | (__| |  | | |_) | |_
|_|    \__,_|_|  \___|____/ \___|_|  |_| .__/ \__|

:? shows help
> import Prelude
> 2 + 2

> :t "Foo"

See ya!

To start doing real work with it, you need to mount a volume to your docker container when you run it. Clone the Purescript By Example code as an initial example:

$ git clone https://github.com/paf31/purescript-book
Cloning into 'purescript-book'...
Checking connectivity... done.

Then mount the volume using the absolute path of the cloned repo to the /home/pureuser/src folder in the container:

$ docker run --rm -itv ~/git/purescript/tmp/purescript-book/:/home/pureuser/src b09608732ec8 bash
pureuser@1ddb0b0ed568:~$ ls
src  tmp
pureuser@1ddb0b0ed568:~$ cd src/
pureuser@1ddb0b0ed568:~/src$ ls
CONTRIBUTING.md  README.md  chapter11  chapter13  chapter2  chapter4  chapter6  chapter8
LICENSE.md       chapter10  chapter12  chapter14  chapter3  chapter5  chapter7  chapter9
pureuser@1ddb0b0ed568:~/src$ cd chapter3/
pureuser@1ddb0b0ed568:~/src/chapter3$ bower install
pureuser@1ddb0b0ed568:~/src/chapter3$ pulp build

It should have built successfully. You can also run the tests:

pureuser@1ddb0b0ed568:~/src/chapter3$ pulp test
* Build successful.
* Running tests...
Just ("Smith, John: 123 Fake St., Faketown, CA")
* Tests OK.

Since you mounted the volume, you can actually edit the code outside of the running docker instance and it will update inside the container!

Open up chapter3/test/Main.purs using your favorite editor, and update example.address.street in the example record to "123 Foobar St.". Now rerun the tests, and you'll see that it updated!

pureuser@1ddb0b0ed568:~/src/chapter3$ pulp test
* Build successful.
* Running tests...
Just ("Smith, John: 123 Foobar St., Faketown, CA")
* Tests OK.

This docker image creates a user called pureuser that it logs in as so that bower and pulp don't yell at you. If you want to add more stuff as you go along, switch to the superuser (su), or add pureuser to sudoers.