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Ever heard of Tech Journalling? The main motive of this web app is to make a 'Tech Journal' for yourself.


  • Make a frontend for our web app
  • Make an Authentication system
  • Accept daily progress from the user and make timeline based on daily progress.
  • Add the feature of following a user
  • Make a reminder system so that the web app notifies the user if no progress is added for that day
  • Add the share option to share your timeline on different social handles

Tech Stack

We will make frontend of our app with React. For backend we will make a REST api with Django Rest Framework.


Phase I (07/12/2019 - 14/12/2019)


  • Make frontend for the website.
    • Make a sign in and sign up page
    • Make home page
  • Integrate authentication api with the frontend


  • Make authentication api using Django Rest Framework
  • Host the api on Heroku
  • Make an api for daily progress input by the user

Phase II (15/12/2019 - 21/12/2019)


  • Fetch daily progress api and make a timeline
  • Host the website on Heroku


  • Make a Reminder system which reminds the user to add their daily progress
  • Add the Friends list api so that the user may see their friend's timeline

Phase III (22/12/2019-28/12/2019)


  • Fetch the Friend list api and show friend list to the user
  • Add the share button so that the user may tweet his timeline in Twitter.


  • (optional) Add CLI for the website so that user may add his daily progress in the terminal itself.



  • clone the backend folder
  • Install django and django-rest-framework using pip


  • clone the frontend folder
  • In the root directory do npm install or yarn install

Contribution Guidelines

Please raise a feature request or issue before sending PR for the same.

Follow the below guidelines for proper coding practices:

  • Always create a new branch for your changes and make PR from it ONLY.
  • Write neat code with proper comments.
  • Write descriptive commit messages. Please read this for more information.
  • Write detailed PR messages and include fixes #ISSUE_NUMBER if it closes an issue, otherwise use concerns #ISSUE_NUMBER to tag the related issues. Please refer here for more PR guidelines.
  • It is recommended to have a single commit for a task.
  • Use DRY principles to create maintainable code.


All contributors / users are requested to join Slack Workspace for further discussion on ideas, PRs and issues.

For issues please raise a ticket in the issues tab in the Timeline-Wave github repository.

Mentor for the project: Ritik Jain

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