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Update 2.4.2
- Better directory structure
- bower for dependency management and easier usage in general
Update 2.4.1
- Fixed issue where input lacks a type (ie [type="text"]) will include value.
Update 2.4.0
- Issue reported in IE (specifically 11) that the iframe mode is printing the whole page.
* After some investigation the demo seemed to break when the external css was not completely loaded from the external site in the iframe.
- Notes:
* Minor version increased.
* Added jquery ui dialog to demo (jquery-ui-1.10.4)
* Demo is using jquery-1.10.2
Update 2.3.3
- Issue reported that when using Chrome, css not being applied correctly. Added delay to allow css to be applied correctly to print document.
Thanks jer-gallagher-oe for supplying the fix!
Update 2.3.2
- Fixed bug in IE8 browsers and jquery 1.7 (as reported in issues). Switch from for-in to for-each.
Update 2.3.1
- Important Changes:
* In this version, the document standard is no longer set by the option 'strict'.
To accomodate different standards, you can specify one of [strict, loose, html5] as the new 'standard' option.
* HTML5 is the default standard for the doc type.
- Notes:
* For <link> elements, you MUST include the 'rel' attribute with a value of 'stylesheet'. Otherwise the stylesheet will not be included in the printed element.
* New option : 'extraHead' this is a comma delimited string of additional elements that is added to the head of the printed document.
An example of this might be: '<meta charset="utf-8" />,<meta http-equiv="X-UA-Compatible" content="IE=edge"/>'
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