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FIS Properties Need to Package up and ship with GCD Project #234

joewheaton opened this Issue Apr 17, 2018 · 3 comments


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joewheaton commented Apr 17, 2018

The Problem

Now there is this amazing FIS Properties dialog:
fis properties
We of course right this to the ever obscure location of C:\Users\JoeWh\AppData\Local\ESRI\Desktop10.4\AssemblyCache\{F8CA7DEA-22FB-40A3-8412-B84A4B528602}\Deploy\FISLibrary for the users own FIS Library and we don't update the one FIS ships with. I get this and that's all fine and handy for FIS Library.

The Suggestion

What we do is really tempting, but totally useless for transparency and sharing with others (only helpful on a users machine or if we ship the FIS). We really want that to ship with FIS everywhere. @MattReimer and I discussed thinking of a way to ship this around and import it into someone's personal FIS Library. The information is awesome, but it needs to go with the project. It could be in the *.gcd file, but it might be cleaner to just have a *.xml file of same name (i.e. for an FIS of MyLameAss.fis, it would have in same folder (e.g. Err001) another file named MyLameAss.fis.xml). That xml file could have the same information from the <FISLibraryItem> tag in the FISLibrary.xml, but just shipped with it.

We also should provide an easy way for a user to ingest this FIS they imported from somewhere/someone else into their own FIS library. I'd suggest:

  1. In the Error Surface Properties dialog (descried in #232), have a button for Add this FIS to my Library (Question: Does adding an FIS to the FIS library copy it to some safe place? Or is its path whereever I dumped it. If the later, what happens when I move or delete that?)
  2. In the FIS Library, when user selects SomeRandom.fis file that has in same directory a SomeRandom.fis.xml, automatically ingest that and copy it to Survey Library.

Thoughts @philipbaileynar ?

@MattReimer MattReimer added this to the Next Version - Tackle After GeoTERM Workshop milestone Apr 18, 2018


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philipbaileynar commented Apr 23, 2018

Two features:

  1. I like @joewheaton suggestion of writing the FIS metadata adjacent to the error surface as a standalone XML file that is an audit trail of the FIS from the users custom library.
  2. When looking at a project that has one of these external, standalone XML files, be able to import it into your own custom library for use in creating your own error surfaces.
  3. "Create Copy" of FIS library item. For system FIS this generates a user FIS that can then be modified. For existing user FIS it simply lets them tweak an existing FIS.
  4. As the user adds a custom FIS, we have code already to read the name of the Inputs and Output, simply pre-populate the FIS properties form with these values. It's not much, but it does help the user get started with custom properties. Add these names from the FIS file to a separate column in the table. So the name the user provides is shown in the GCD UI but the one from the FIS file is visible in the FIS properties. Note the FIS file names can't have spaces.

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philipbaileynar commented Aug 20, 2018

Proposed implementation:

  1. When creating a FIS error surface, we already copy the FIS file next to the error surface raster. We will enhance this slightly:
    1. Change the FIS file name to be the same as the error raster but with the .fis file extension.
    2. Copy the FIS Library metadata for the selected FIS library item to an XML file that is placed next to the error raster and has the file extension .fis.xml.
    3. The error surface properties form will have a button to view the properties of the FIS file that was used. Clicking this button will open the existing FIS properties form in read only mode. This feature will ensure that users can always understand what FIS file was used to generate any particular error surface. 2018-08-20_112208
  2. When adding a FIS file to the FIS Library the GCD will now look for an XML file located adjacent to the selected FIS file that has the .fis.xml extension. If it finds a file then it will (safely) attempt to load the metadata from this file and pre-populate the FIS properties form with the information from the XML file. This will allow users to import a FIS file from within a GCD project and bring all the metadata along with it.

Note: We have realized that not copying FIS files into the FIS Library folder location when adding them to the library is really risky. However, I've written this up as a separate issue #303 .


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philipbaileynar commented Aug 22, 2018

Video demonstrating the final implementation:

philipbaileynar added a commit that referenced this issue Aug 22, 2018

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