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This is the Beaver Restoration Assessment Tool (pyBRAT) source code and documentation about it. pyBRAT is superseded by sqlBRAT

The documentation was previously on, and will now be accessed at

The last stable release of pyBRAT (with ArcPy 10.x depenencies) was 3.1.0 (latest realease) and that was also published as:

  • Jordan Gilbert, Joe Wheaton, Wally Macfarlane, & Margaret Hallerud. (2019). pyBRAT - Beaver Restoration Assessment Tool (Python) (3.1.0). Zenodo. DOI: 10.5281/zenodo.7086388

A Riverscapes Consortium Report Card for v 3.1.00 is available here.

Next Versions

Note pyBRAT as an ArcGIS toolbox is no longer supported as we have shifted our development focus to a Production-Grade sqlBRAT and ESRI is sunsetting support for 10.X. sqlBRAT is currently a command-line tool.