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CABL - Code Analyzer for ABL

CABL enables analysis of OpenEdge procedural and object-oriented code on the SonarQube platform, by reporting:

  • Metrics (lines of code, comment density, complexity, shared objects, ...)
  • Issues found in the source code and DF files, such as performance killers, usage of deprecated keywords, ...
  • Code coverage from unit tests
  • Code duplication
  • Compiler warnings
  • XREF information

Documentation available in the wiki

How do I get started?

While having a build process based on PCT is recommended (as some metrics and rules can only be executed with the build output of PCT), you can still try the OpenEdge plugin for SonarQube directly on your codebase, just follow the instructions.

PCT is open-source and free, but if you want to rely on our consulting services, please contact us at

Build status

OpenEdge plugin - master branch:
Build Status

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