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v0.1.29 / 2014-07-28

  • fixed; errors uploading to cloudinary fields
  • fixed; issues starting with SSL

v0.1.28 / 2014-07-25

  • fixed; docs domain

v0.1.27 / 2014-07-25

  • fixed; issues saving location field values
  • fixed; filtering on select fields was broken in the Admin UI
  • added; list totals are recalculated after items are deleted
  • added; feature to select images from cloudinary
  • fixed; issues with field required / initial validation
  • fixed; better handling of default / alt behaviour for remove / delete functionality with cloudinary fields

v0.1.26 / 2014-07-25

  • improved; more Admin UI visual tweaks
  • fixed; allowing nested values to be provided to the UpdateHandler for name and location fields
  • added; cloudinary folders feature, enabled with field option folder or defaulting to [prefix (if exists)]/[list path]/[path]
  • added; ability to specify a field to use as the cloudinary public_id
  • added; cloudinary image replace on upload option
  • fixed; initial sortOrder on a sortable List
  • added; ability to read multiple static files from an Array
  • added; default values for text fields are displayed in the create items form now
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