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Jetpack Compose + MVI

The goal of this project is to have a demo application using popular MVI Arch pattern in android, while using Jetpack Compose for UI. This project shows how less-complicated the whole codebase and testing becomes just by using Jetpack Compose. We will keep this project updated with latest releases of Jetpack Compose.

  • Current Jetpack Compose Version - 1.1.1

Here's a demo of the app

Technologies / Frameworks Used

  • Spek + JUnit5 for Unit Tests / Specification Testing
  • Jetpack Compose for UI
  • Lottie for Splash Animation
  • Dagger HILT for DI (Migrated from Koin in this commit: 21a9db64bee1359bd57cf99ba757467da63f10b2)
  • RxJava 3 for Streams
  • Room for DB (With RxJava 3)
  • Mockito for mocking
  • LiveData for emitting states from ViewModel
  • LazyColumn and LazyVerticalGrid from Compose for showing List/Grid
  • Coil for Image loading
  • Composable ConstraintLayout
  • Composable TopAppBar
  • Bitrise and Github Actions for CI