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New Features

  • Added Label for Every Track
  • Code can run on Both (CPU & GPU)
  • Video/WebCam/External Camera/IP Stream Supported

Coming Soon

  • Development of streamlit dashboard for Object Tracking

Ready to Use Google Colab

Steps to run Code

  • Clone the repository.
git clone
  • Goto the cloned folder.
cd yolov7-object-tracking
  • Create a virtual envirnoment (Recommended, If you dont want to disturb python packages)
### For Linux Users
python3 -m venv yolov7objtracking
source yolov7objtracking/bin/activate

### For Window Users
python3 -m venv yolov7objtracking
cd yolov7objtracking
cd Scripts
cd ..
cd ..
  • Upgrade pip with mentioned command below.
pip install --upgrade pip
  • Install requirements with mentioned command below.
pip install -r requirements.txt
  • Run the code with mentioned command below (by default, pretrained yolov7 weights will be automatically downloaded into the working directory if they don't already exist).
# for detection only
python --weights --source "your video.mp4"

#if you want to change source file
python --weights --source "your video.mp4"

#for specific class (person)
python --weights --source "your video.mp4" --classes 0

#for colored tracks 
python --weights --source "your video.mp4" --colored-trk

#for saving tracks centroid, track id and bbox coordinates
python --weights --source "your video.mp4" --save-txt --save-bbox-dim
  • Output file will be created in the working-dir/runs/detect/obj-tracking with original filename


YOLOv7 Detection Only YOLOv7 Object Tracking with ID YOLOv7 Object Tracking with ID and Label


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