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Sinopia (Docker Image)

Sinopia is a private npm repository server.

docker pull rnbwd/sinopia

  • The current latest (this will change soon) is based on my slighly modified version for use with jwilder/nginx-proxy (default build for the last 2 years) rnbwd/sinopia:proxy (latest).

  • For those who want to use the orignal, unmodified repo and node v0.10, use rnbwd/sinopia:stable.

  • Also there's an alpine version that's very tiny and efficient, currently experimental rnbwd/sinopia:alpine.

  • The file structure has been modified - the sinopia repo is located at /sinopia/registry. See this issue for speculation on the future of sinopia.

Recommend Usage

  • To run default container on port 4873

docker run --name sinopia -d -p 4873:4873 rnbwd/sinopia

docker run --name sinopia -d -p 4873:4873 -v <local-path-to-storage>:/sinopia/registry/storage -v <local-path-to-config>:/sinopia/registry/config.yaml rnbwd/sinopia

  • The volume will be synced, so you can update the anything linked outside of the container and it will automatically change the files inside the container. Run docker restart sinopia if config.yaml is updated. wd/sinopia`

Building Custom Containers

  • From github repository
git clone https://github.com/RnbWd/sinopia-docker.git
cd sinopia-docker
docker build -t sinopia .
docker run -d -p 4873:4873 sinopia