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#### CHANGELOG ####
_VERSION_: v2.2.1
* Modify the generation code's Audio path to C:\(SD card).
* Fix some bugs.
* Optimize system and reduce memory usage.
_VERSION_: v2.2.0
* Play Sound:
* Now you can add and edit the audio in Edit/Edit Audio List.
* If an audio with a longer duration(>23 seconds) is imported, 86ME will open trimming tool automatically.
* Add command [PlaySound], you can see it in "Insert a new Instruction for editing" button.
* Under [PlaySound], it allows two playing modes: "Background" and "Wait for Complete".
* 100% supports for "Code Generation".
* Others
* Fix some bug of Instruction List behavior.
* Fix some bug for Simulate Motion.
* Simulate Motion now support [PlaySound].
* Fix a bug for Code Generation Pins check.
* Modify the description of statement and the typesetting of 86ME.
* Add RBMadman and the graphic for him into author group.
* Fix assembly info.
_VERSION_: v2.1.0
* UI Interface:
* Add a new icon for 86ME program.
* Add a new background picture in 86ME main window.
* Add a new picture about the list of all authors.
* Complete the four langurage descriptive files。
* Automatically changing the link of official website depending the choosed languarge.
* If modify the "text and other icon size" option on your PC, now 86ME can resize the UI interface by itself.
* Linking for 86Duino:
* When detecting 86Duino board, will select the 86Duino COM port in list automatically。
* Fix the bug about choosing the incorrect com port (that is not 86Duino COM port).
* Fix the bug when we select a preempted COM port.
* Fix the bug when plug-out linked line.
* Main Window:
* Allow that the motion name is named a string including number (0~9) for head.
* "Disable Frame Edit Settings" when no linking between 86Duino and 86ME.
* When "Load Frame File", writting the attachID as comment in frame file。
* Add the "Insert" and "Delete" options in "Instruction List".
* Fix a bug for tip frame.
* Fix a bug for writting a invalid value in input field.
* Fix the displaying error about "Play,Pause,Stop" words.
* Fix the error for the dragging coordinate of mouse.
* Modify the sequence of "Goto,Flag,If,Compute,GotoMotion" and add the watermark.
* Code Generation:
* Fix a bug for motion layer.
* Detect the conflict for choosed Pins and COM port automatically.
* Add the attachID comment in frame file when generating "Frame File".
* Code Generation for 86Scratch Project:
* Update the composition and interface.
* The all setting on "86scratch project setting" page will be saved in .rbm file.
* "Connection Setting" is modified to be auto-adjusting menu.
* When exporting the 86Scratch project, will include the background picture, and it will be as project icon by default.
* Add the Ethernet/ESP8266/ESP8266 3 linking methods.
* Add the "Porject Description" field.
* Fix the bug for 86Duino firmware and python helper.
* Robot Configuration Page:
* Disable 86Duino AI option.
* The IMU list only show the On-Board IMU depending on choosed the corrrect 86Duino board.
* Modify the "Mirror File" option to be two-stage button (Set/Remove).
* "Robot Picture" and "Mirror File" now are saved in same .rbm file.
* Fix a bug for input the invalid value to input filed.
* Fix the wrong behavior when Min is larger than Max.
* Trigger Commands Page:
* Modify the "Add/Rename button" as pop-up window.
* Add the "Comments" field.
* "Trigger Setting" is modified to be auto-adjusting menu.
* Disable the "LEADIY-WiFi Camera" option。
* Detect the conflict for choosed Pins and COM port automatically.
* User Variables Page:
* Modify the "Add/Rename button" as pop-up window.
* Add the "Comments" field.
_VERSION_: v2.0.0
* Add a new form for editing variables in "Option->Edit Variables"
* Change the project format to JSON.
* Code Generation
* add a new button for generating robot motion library.
* add a new button for generating Scratch 2.0 project.
* replace the button "Generate 86Duino Sketch (with Frame Files)" to "Frame Files" in advance part
* Move "Trigger" to "Options->Edit Trigger Commands".
* Upgrade .NET Framework from 4.0 to 4.5.