This project use 86duino to make a plant IOT system.
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86duino plant IOT system - ZaiBo

ZaiBo 是一個在 86Duino Zero上使用 L86duntu作業系統的工具程式,使用 USB WiFi 網卡做一個IOT系統。

ZaiBo is a 86Duino Zero on the use of L86duntu operating system tool program, using USB WiFi card to do an IOT system.
Introduction video
In addition to the original code, ZaiBo will also open the teaching of construction, any person can freely use, modify, distribute.

[My blog](
------------- ## I. File list ------------- 1. \l86duntu\home\dmp\UI_display 這個UI_display是使用SDL來繪製圖形介面,提供觸控功能、自動澆水並且有遠端監控等功能。 The UI_display use SDL to draw graphical interface, providing touch function, automatic watering and remote monitoring and other functions.
2. \l86duntu\home\dmp\TFT_display
	並且採用TFT LCD做為簡易的螢幕,而網站功能皆相同。
	The TFT_display is a compact, lightweight version, although there is no automatic watering function,
	but it can remind the user watering, and the use of TFT LCD as a simple screen, and website functions 
	are the same.
3. \l86duntu\home\dmp\plant
	我們也建立了一個網站在 L86duntu 上,你可以在上面看到所有的數值(例如:濕度、水量、溫度...等),
	We used MRAA to convert C / C ++ functions to JavaScript.
	We have also created a website on L86duntu where you can see all the values (eg humidity, water, 
	temperature ...)
	There are also instant webcams that let you watch and take care of your potted plants at any time.
4. \l86duntu\etc\init.d\plant
	This script allows us to start automatically when the boot all the programs, and automatic 
	identification function, the details can see my blog in the introduction.