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  1. RV12 RV12 Public

    RISC-V CPU Core

    SystemVerilog 257 49

  2. ahb3lite_interconnect ahb3lite_interconnect Public

    AHB3-Lite Interconnect

    SystemVerilog 71 25

  3. ahb3lite_apb_bridge ahb3lite_apb_bridge Public

    Parameterised Asynchronous AHB3-Lite to APB4 Bridge.

    SystemVerilog 35 18

  4. plic plic Public

    Platform Level Interrupt Controller

    SystemVerilog 27 13

  5. ahb3lite_memory ahb3lite_memory Public

    Multi-Technology RAM with AHB3Lite interface

    SystemVerilog 16 16

  6. Hamming-ECC Hamming-ECC Public

    Hamming ECC Encoder and Decoder to protect memories

    SystemVerilog 16 18


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