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AHB-Lite Multilayer Interconnect Switch w/ 'ERROR_ON_NO_SLAVE' Detection

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@sphardy sphardy released this 18 Nov 13:26
· 30 commits to master since this release


Fully parameterized high performance, low latency interconnect fabric soft IP for AHB-Lite. It allows a virtually unlimited number of AHB-Lite bus masters and slaves to be connected without the need of bus arbitration to be implemented by the bus masters.


  • Addition of ERROR_ON_NO_SLAVE parameter to enable detection & reporting of accesses to addresses not mapped to any slave port.
    • ie when enabled, generate an AHB error response should a master attempt to access an address that is not mapped to any slave port.
  • Updated documentation to be self contained (all docs and relevant assets now within /docs folder of repo) with naming consistency & styling to support longer naming (See note below)


Only documentation styling and naming conventions have changed in this update compared to the original v1.3 release. This release contains no update to the IP or the content of the documentation. The documentation should now use consistent naming and render correctly on small & large screen devices

New Features

  • Added ERROR_ON_NO_SLAVE configuration parameter


Bug Fixes

  • None