A collection of scripts for LeagueSharp.
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Advanced Turn Around
Item Swapper
Stun Alerter


Champion Scripts:

  • Kayle

    • A Fully customisable Kayle Script.
    • It has a lot of features that you guys will like.
  • Pantheon

    • A fully customisable Pantheon Script, ported from my BoL Version to L#.
    • It will be updated to have more features in the future.

Utility Scripts:

  • Advanced Turn Around

    • I guess the name says it all.
    • But for those who don't undestand what this is, well, it makes sure you won't get caught by spells like:
      • Cassiopeia's Petrifying Gaze (R) [Stun]
      • Tryndamere's Mocking Shout (W) [Slow]
  • Item Swapper

    • It swaps Items using the Numpad
      • 4 - Item Slot 1
      • 5 - Item Slot 2
      • 6 - Item Slot 3
      • 1 - Item Slot 4
      • 2 - Item Slot 5
      • 3 - Item Slot 6
      • 0 - Reset
  • Stun Alerter

    • It shows you if someone in the enemy team has any spell Available to Interrupt you.