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Store and Replay /who queries WoW Addon (vanilla)
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This REQUIRES Ace v1.2.5, available at

Simply copy the entire WhoFavorites folder to your World of Warcraft\Interface\AddOns folder.

This is a quick'n'dirty mod I whipped up to save me endlessly typing the same queries in the /who dialog box.

It allows you to save who queries and recall them at will.  So keep tabs on your friends, your enemies, and anyone else!

Fairly simple to use:

1. bring up the who dialog (just type /who)
2. set up your search criteria in the search box
3. choose "save" from the Who Favorites pulldown menu, and give your search a nice name to remember it by

do that a few times, and now you can easily swap between searches!

Some example search strings:

c-priest 48-55			==> all priests level 48-55
z-Plaguelands			==> everyone in either WPL or EPL
z-"Blasted Lands" c-Mage	==> all mages in Blasted Lands
g-Scorned 60			==> all people in the guild Scorned level 60
n-izz 50-60			==> all people who have "izz" in their name and level 50-60

NOTE NOTE NOTE NOTE that Blizzard limits you to one /who query every 10-15 seconds, so you can't just quickly switch between saves, nothing will change.  You need to wait a little bit between each search.

Finally, by default, all settings and searches are shared by all your characters. If you would like to have different searches for each of your characters, you can use the ACE profile manager to help.

For example, to save your searches on a per-character basis, use this command:

/ace profile char WhoFavorites

If ya need to contact me you can send me a mail ingame, on the server TWISTING NETHER, side is horde, and my character name is Rizzle

special thanks to Narwick, I ripped his code from AHFavorites (an AWESOME mod!) to code this up fast.  Any mistakes are mine, not his :)

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