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Adds Full Rest-API support for Tickera Plugin
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This plugin adds Full REST-API support for Tickera Events Plugin


- Adds rest-api support for Tickera Events CPT
- Supports Ticket purchase within Event
- Supports featured image of Event
- Supports framework

*Tickera plugin is required for this to work. Please visit for more information. *Works best with AppPresser: easily create your own WordPress application with no coding experience, visit for more information.

How it works - AppPresser

  1. Simply add a custom page and choose "WordPress Posts" and the following URL as API endpoint:

For categories, add "event_category=ID" behind the slug. Example:

To filter the events based on Event date instead of Publishing date, use this endpoint:[meta_key]=event_date_time&order=asc Or use "desc" at the end to filter events on descending date.

To filter on category and Event date, use the endpoint like this:[meta_key]=event_date_time&order=asc

  1. Copy the custom CSS from the 'public' folder inside this plugin and paste it into the 'Custom CSS' section in MyApppresser > Colors. Change the colors of the button and icons to match your theme.

  2. You are done. Enjoy the blazing fast experience of viewing/searching events and buying tickets!


This plugin works out of the box and should works best with AppPresser framework or Ionic Framework. Should you stumble on issues/bugs, please open a support ticket here .

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