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XeLaTeX CV template
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CV template for XeLaTeX


This template lets you choose one base color via the documentclass option changecolor. You can for example use the color of the company you are applying for. By using a color harmony model, a color named second is picked. This color is only used for the links. However, if you choose the option titlecolor=second, the second color is also used for the titles. See the gif below for a little demo.


By choosing colors according to a color harmony model, you make sure the different colors match nicely. You can play around with different models here. For more information on how this template works, see the comments in cv-roald-example.tex.

Changes in version 3

Big changes

  • Added a new documentclass option colorharmony, which defines a new color using color harmony models. The new color is called second and can be used in the document with \color{second}. This color is also used for the new link{} command, see below.
  • Added a new documentclass option titlecolor, which allows you to set a different color for the titles.
  • Defined a new command \FAspace which replaces the old length \FAspace (and therefore breaks compatibility with the v2 class file). Now you can use \FAspace directly in the document, instead of using \hspace{\FAspace}.
  • Defined a new command \link{}, which places a fontawesome logo in the document with the link. The color of the logo is detemined using the color harmony models.
  • Removed the environment tabitemize, since the regular environment itemize also works. I don't remember why I implemented tabitemize in the first place.

Small changes

  • Reduced the indentation of a bulleted list
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