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Openroast is an open source, cross-platform application for home coffee roasting. Openroast is currently designed to interface with the FreshRoast SR700 USB controlled coffee roaster, with the capability of extending to any computer assisted home roasting device. Openroast makes it simple to dial-in recipes in a repeatable, consistent manner allowing a user to achieve the same results every time.


  • Roast Graph
  • Simplified user interface
  • Superior temperature control - ability to set specific target temperatures rather than just low, medium, or high heat settings
  • Create/Import/Export Recipes


Roast Tab Screenshot Recipe Edit Tab Screenshot

Installing Openroast

Latest Release

Openroast 1.2 is currently in 'rc' or 'release candidate' phase. The alpha releases have done quite well with early testers, so the app is ready for a broader audience.

For Windows or Mac, you do not need to install python interpreters or any other software, other than what is included in the install packages.

For Linux OSes, downloading the project files and performing a py35 -mpip install . in the project root directory is the only way to install the software at this time.

Installation Instructions

Developer Corner

We have recently made this project easier to manage from a build generation perspective, facilitating future maintenance and updates. See For Developers pages in the project wiki for details.


The Openroast app code is released under GPL v3.