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🆎 Tool to compare two revisions of a class API to check for BC breaks
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Roave Backward Compatibility Check

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A tool that can be used to verify BC breaks between two versions of a PHP library.


  • Your project uses git
  • Your project uses composer.json to define its dependencies


composer require --dev roave/backward-compatibility-check

Install with Docker

You can also use Docker to run roave-backward-compatibility-check:

docker run --rm -v `pwd`:/app nyholm/roave-bc-check


Adding to a continuous integration pipeline

The typical intended usage is to just add roave-backward-compatibility-check to your CI build:


This will automatically detect the last minor version tagged, and compare the API against the current HEAD. If any BC breaks are found, the tool returns a non-zero status, which on most CI systems will cause the build to fail.

NOTE: detecting the base version only works if you have git tags in the SemVer-compliant x.y.z format, such as 1.2.3.

Github action

You can use it as a Github Action like this:


workflow "Main" {
  on = "push"
  resolves = ["Roave BC Check"]

action "Roave BC Check" {
  uses = "docker://nyholm/roave-bc-check-ga"
  secrets = ["GITHUB_TOKEN"]
  args = ""

Running manually

To generate additional documentation for changelogs:

vendor/bin/roave-backward-compatibility-check --format=markdown >


If you need further guidance:

vendor/bin/roave-backward-compatibility-check --help


There are currently no configuration options available.

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