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Adds a button which reloads a selected Google Chrome extension on click.
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Latest commit 5b83dcf Dec 25, 2013 @Rob--W Added usage instructions.

Chrome Extension Reloader

This extension allows users of Google Chrome to reload an extension with a single click on a button.
At the options page, a simple yet effective interface provides a quick way to change the "active extension" (the extension which is reloaded upon click of the browser action button).

The button can also be clicked using Ctrl + Shift + E (to change this, go to chrome://extensions/, and click on "Keyboard Shortcuts")

To use the extension after cloning the repository, follow the following steps:

  1. Visit chrome://extensions/
  2. Enable Developer mode.
  3. Click on Load unpackedextension`
  4. Select the Chrome-Extension-Reloader subdirectory (containing the manifest.json).

Published at Stack overflow: How do I auto-reload a Chrome extension I'm developing?

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