Files to import the 30-seconds-of-code snippets into VSCode, Atom and Sublime.
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Included in this repository are the files you need to import all the snippets from the amazing resource 30-seconds-of-code into you text editor of choice (VSCode, Atom + Sublime).

Make sure you ⭐️ the original repo here!

The files in this repo contain the 30-seconds-of-code Snippets as of February 1st, 2018's release. The project is still under active development and not all the snippets contained herein are production ready. You've been warned.

How to import the snippets

VSCode: Go to 'Preferences' > 'User snippets' and select the language 'Javascript', then paste in all the code from the javascript.json file. For more information checkout the VSCode snippets docs.

Atom: Copy the code in the snippets.cson file into your own snippets.cson file located in ~./atom directory. For more information checkout the Atom snippets docs.

Sublime: Move all the *.sublime-snippet's into your Packages/User folder (technically you can store *.sublime-snippet's in any package's folder but for simplicities sake Packages/User will be easiest to find). If your stuck make sure you check out the Sublime snippets docs.

Alfred: If you're an Alfred powerpack user your in luck, there is an easy way to import the snippets using the file in this repo.

NPM: You can of course access all of these snippets and more with the 30-seconds-of-code npm package by running npm install 30-seconds-of-code or the tsoc npm package by running npm install tsoc.

After the package is installed you may access a snippet(s) with the following notation for node.js: import { snippetName, otherSnippet } from '_30s' and/or javascript: const { snippetName, otherSnippet } = require('_30s')

Special thanks

Mad props go out to the core team and all the contributors at 30-seconds-of-code who have worked hard putting these snippets together. 🙏


Creative Commons License

CC0 1.0 Universal