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I wanted to write a project to become better at low-level rendering, manipulating data outside of monobehaviours, and writing custom texture loaders.

This is that project. Please note, this is only the code and final project. Because the project contains assets that I purchased from the store, that I do not have the right to redistribute, I cannot share the entire project.

This is a Minecraft clone. I started it from a tutorial online : http://studentgamedev.blogspot.jp/p/unity3d-c-voxel-and-procedural-mesh.html. After I completed the tutorial, I started to make rendering optimizations (render block order is based on distance, etc.).

I wrote a custom texture loader, much like the one you see in minecraft. On load, it checks file names (dirt_top, grass_side, etc.) from the texture folder and loads them into memory to be used in the game. Loading new textures is as simple as swapping out files.

The control scheme is listed at the bottom.


注意:このプロジェクトに入ってるアセットを配布する権利をお持ちではないから、コードとファイナルビルドだけが入っています。そして、別のgit repo を作らないといけなかったため、コミット歴史もありません。




Xbox Controller (Xbox 1) / Xbox 1 コントローラ:

Left Joystick - Move
Right Joystick - Aim
Left Bumper - Remove block / ブロック取り消し
Right Bumper - Place block / ブロックを置く

Keyboard / キーボード
WSAD - Move
Mouse - Aim
Q - Remove block / ブロック取り消し
E - Place block / ブロックを置く