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Python Quiz given to audience at Portland Python Meetup on Oct 11, 2011, at Urban Airship in Portland, Oregon.

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These are the quiz questions that I gave to the audience at:
   Portland Python Meetup 
   Urban Airship, 334 NW 11th Av, Portland, OR
   Tuesday, Oct 11, 2011 6:30pm

Each quiz question has it's own file.

File types:
    all.questions.txt -- all the questions in a single file (no guesses or answers)
    all.questions.guesses.answers.txt -- all the guestions, guesses, and answers in a single file
    *.py (e.g., -- the file with the question; execute this file with python (e.g., "python") and you will see the question, guesses and the answer.  The questions are ordered from a to u.
    answer.*.txt (e.g., answer.a.txt) -- the answer (e.g., answer.a.txt is the answer to
    guesses.*.txt (e.g., guesses.a.txt) -- the guesses that came from the audience at the Portland Python Meetup -- contains the show() function, which shows the question, the quesses, and the answer for each of the [a-u].py files -- a shell script that runs each of the questions, one at a time

To run an individual quiz question:
    $ python
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