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;;;; queues.lisp
;;;; Copyright (c) 2011 - 2012, Rob Blackwell. All rights reserved.
(in-package #:cl-azure)
;;; See Windows Azure Storage Services REST API Reference
;; Define a protocol for queue messages
(defgeneric message-id (message))
(defgeneric pop-receipt (message))
;; Default implementation for queue messages based on a plist
(defmethod message-id ((message cons))
(getf message :|MessageId|))
(defmethod pop-receipt ((message cons))
(getf message :|PopReceipt|))
(defun sign-queue-storage-request (request)
"Signs a queue storage request by computing a shared key signature and adding a corresponding Authorization header."
(let* ((str (string-to-sign-1 request))
(account (request-account request))
(key (account-key account)))
(add-header request
(shared-key-authorization-header (account-name account)
(hmac-string key str)))))
(defun queue-storage-request (method resource &key (account *storage-account*)
(content nil)
(headers nil)
(handler #'identity))
"Makes an HTTP request to the Queue storage API."
(funcall handler
(list :method method
:uri (format nil "~a~a" (queue-storage-url account) resource)
:headers (acons "x-ms-date" (rfc1123-date-time-string)
(acons "x-ms-version" "2011-08-18"
:body content
:account account)))))
(defun list-queues (&key (account *storage-account*) (handler #'list-name-elements-handler))
"Enumerates the queues in a storage account."
(queue-storage-request :get "/?comp=list" :account account :handler handler))
(defun create-queue (queue-name &key (account *storage-account*) (handler #'created-handler))
"Creates a new queue with the given name."
(queue-storage-request :put (format nil "/~a" queue-name) :account account :handler handler))
(defun delete-queue (queue-name &key (account *storage-account*) (handler #'no-content-handler))
"Deletes a queue"
(queue-storage-request :delete (format nil "/~a" queue-name) :account account :handler handler))
(defun get-queue-metadata (queue-name &key (account *storage-account*) (handler #'get-headers-handler))
"Retrieves user-defined metadata and queue properties on the specified queue."
(queue-storage-request :get (format nil "/~a?comp=metadata" queue-name) :account account :handler handler))
(defun approximate-messages-count (queue-name &key (account *storage-account*))
"Returns the approximate number of messages on the given queue."
(nth-value 0 (parse-integer
(cdr (assoc :X-MS-APPROXIMATE-MESSAGES-COUNT (get-queue-metadata queue-name :account account
:handler #'get-headers-handler))))))
;; TODO set-queue-metadata
(defparameter *put-message-template*
(defun put-message-content (message)
(format nil *put-message-template* message))
(defun put-message (queue-name message &key (account *storage-account*) (handler #'created-handler))
"Adds a new message to the back of the message queue."
(let ((content (put-message-content message)))
(queue-storage-request :post (format nil "/~a/messages" queue-name)
:account account
:content content
:headers (acons "Content-Type" "application/atom+xml" nil)
:handler handler)))
(defun messages-handler (response)
(if (eq (response-status response) +HTTP-OK+)
(extract-rows (response-body response) "QueueMessage")
(windows-azure-error response)))
(defun get-messages (queue-name &key (account *storage-account*) (handler #'messages-handler))
"Retrieves one or more messages from the front of the queue."
(queue-storage-request :get (format nil "/~a/messages" queue-name)
:account account
:handler handler))
(defun peek-messages (queue-name &key (account *storage-account*) (handler #'messages-handler))
"Retrieves one or more messages from the front of the queue, but does not alter the visibility of the message."
(queue-storage-request :get (format nil "/~a/messages?peekonly=true" queue-name)
:account account
:handler handler))
(defun delete-message (queue-name message-id pop-receipt &key (account *storage-account*) (handler #'no-content-handler))
"Deletes the specified message."
(queue-storage-request :delete
(format nil "/~a/messages/~a?popreceipt=~a" queue-name message-id
;;(drakma::url-encode pop-receipt :utf8)
:account account
:handler handler))
(defun clear-messages (queue-name &key (account *storage-account*) (handler #'no-content-handler))
"Deletes all messages from the specified queue."
(queue-storage-request :delete (format nil "/~a/messages" queue-name)
:account account
:handler handler))
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