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Bumps [typescript]( from 4.9.5 to 5.0.4.
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  update-type: version-update:semver-major

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Awesome SVG icon component for Svelte JS, built with Font Awesome icons. Based on Justineo/vue-awesome

Svelte-Awesome supports Font-Awesome v4.7.0 (icons inbuilt) and v5/v6 (via @fortawesome npm packages)

A demo is available here

A list of all available embedded icons is available here



npm install --save svelte-awesome


<!-- basic -->
<Icon data="{beer}" />
<!-- codeFork is camelCase, unlike the js file, code-fork.js -->
<Icon data="{codeFork}" />

<!-- with options -->
<Icon data="{refresh}" scale="2" />
<Icon data="{comment}" flip="horizontal" />
<Icon data="{codeFork}" label="Forked Repository" />

<!-- stacked icons [WIP] -->
<Icon label="No Photos">
  <Icon data="{camera}" />
  <Icon name="{ban}" scale="2" class="alert" />

<!-- FontAwesome v5 and v6 Icons supported -->
<Icon data="{faThumbsUp}" />

  import Icon from 'svelte-awesome';

  /// *** Embedded Icons ***
  // Recommended - import just the icon you need
  import beer from 'svelte-awesome/icons/beer';
  import refresh from 'svelte-awesome/icons/refresh';
  import codeFork from 'svelte-awesome/icons/codeFork';
  import camera from 'svelte-awesome/icons/camera';
  import ban from 'svelte-awesome/icons/ban';
  // Not recommended as it will download all of the icons in dev mode
  import { ban } from 'svelte-awesome/icons';

  // EDGECASE ICONS - different names due to reserved names / starting with numbers
  import fa500px from 'svelte-awesome/icons/fa500px'; // '500px' icon
  import faTry from 'svelte-awesome/icons/faTry'; // 'try' icon

  /// *** @fortawesome/* Icons ***
  // Recommended - import the individual icon a little like with the recommended embedded icons approach above
  import { faThumbsUp } from '@fortawesome/free-regular-svg-icons/faThumbsUp';
  // Not Recommended - import the individual icon from the main file - it will download all of the icons in dev mode
  import { faThumbsUp } from '@fortawesome/free-regular-svg-icons';

Sapper Usage

For Sapper, you may need to import the Icon component explicitly as below:

import Icon from 'svelte-awesome/components/Icon.svelte';