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New version of Windows 'widget' to display webcam views of Mount Rainier.
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New version of my Windows 'gadget' to display webcam views of Mount Rainier.

You can select to see the camera at Paradise, the camera at Camp Muir, or to automatically switch between the two.

This should work fine for Windows 7 and Windows Vista. I believe there is a way to run it on Windows 8.1, also, but haven't yet investigated that.

Here is my 'product page' for this thing.

This project is free to use, re-distribute, re-use, whatever - as long as you don't charge any money for it.

A link is provided to the web site of the climbing club I belong to, OSAT, which is an awesome organization, but I am not implying any endorsement of this software by OSAT or any other connection between me and them. :)



Mt. Rainier Webcams


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