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Fableau (Beta)

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A Tableau Web Data Connector for Facebook that allows you to pull your Facebook post and page metrics data into Tableau.

The WDC is currently in alpha and requires further testing and tidy up.

You can use this code to create your own Web Data Connector however you can use the connector itself at

End Points

The Web Data Connector pulls data from the following Facebook Graph API end points.

//Post Meta Data{page-id}/posts?fields=created_time,message,id,link,type&access_token={access-token}

//Post Metric Data{page-id}/posts?fields=insights.metric(post_impressions,post_impressions_unique,post_impressions_paid,post_impressions_paid_unique,post_reactions_like_total,post_reactions_love_total,post_reactions_wow_total,post_reactions_haha_total,post_reactions_sorry_total,post_reactions_anger_total)&access_token={access-token}

//Page Meta Data{page-id}?fields=link,name,category,about&access_token={access-token}

//Page Metric Data{page-id}/insights/page_impressions,page_impressions_unique,page_impressions_paid,page_impressions_organic,page_engaged_users,page_consumptions,page_consumptions_unique,page_negative_feedback,page_negative_feedback_unique,page_fan_adds_unique,page_views_total,page_views_logged_in_unique,page_posts_impressions,page_posts_impressions_unique,page_posts_impressions_paid,page_posts_impressions_organic,page_post_engagements,page_video_views?access_token={access-token}&since={date}&until=${date}


This Web Data Connector only allows you to take single snapshots of data from Facebook. You cannot use it to auto refresh on Tableau Server as this WDC only stores short term access tokens. This is because the WDC only makes use of JavaScript which is client based code and Facebook advise against asking for a long term access token via client code.

For more information on this issue please see the Facebook documentation. It is relatively simple to solve this problem using server based code such as PHP, Python or NodeJS. We have no plans to extend this Web Data Connector to solve this problem at this time.