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A key and salts generator for WordPress that works with both wp-config and .env files.
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WordPress Salts Generator

A key and salts generator for WordPress that works with both wp-config and .env files.

  • This library is for use with a composer setup of WordPress.
  • Keys and salts are generated via the command line.


To install this library either use the composer require command.

composer require rbdwllr/wordpress-salts-generator 0.1.*

Or add it straight to your composer.json file and run composer update.

require: {
    "rbdwllr/wordpress-salts-generator": "0.1.*"


Their are two simple commands available for generating the keys and salts.

// Generates traditional WordPress 'define' keys and salts.
vendor/bin/wpsalts traditional

// Generates keys and salts that can be used in a .env file.
vendor/bin/wpsalts dotenv

If you don't add a command the vendor/bin/wpsalts command it will output the traditional WordPress salts and keys.

Append to File

If you would like to append the keys directly to the end of an .env file you can use the --clean flag as follows.

vendor/bin/wpsalts dotenv --clean >> .env

The clean flag removes any messaging and formatting around the output, and the >> operator appends the output to the end of the .env file on a new line.

Output Examples

Traditional WordPress

Copy and paste these keys and salts into your wp-config.php file.

define('AUTH_KEY', 'dva\uhm"cDc<$U5E> )euW<UzK{ WQ7tt;j:paBPyY16<&f;b|n]|pj9%|=xRA;'');
define('SECURE_AUTH_KEY', 'Q)hZ.Hp]meJI.X-:s+Cp2o4:wafkbxO}mfyp??e">bqHRC)|o(sB)9G-n4O2VJ;!');
define('LOGGED_IN_KEY', 'kOq )c"=0>E} c;?PwD;lt0(N9N>%,#OS"]3>,!@[&]]i>G90ucaBxz2\hh]}I@Z');
define('NONCE_KEY', 't>ZZepdu/(8>4|3k5covc7R'":*rhyY>{eZjK4HB:@i5l/d8XTTc(P.v(H|Q/mg4');
define('AUTH_SALT', '{B>CWa$zjM+KN(,(-4yD(pFfdeF 07mPp1xOMkL bDm!X>}p){~(J4\~-AO+0-ZV');
define('SECURE_AUTH_SALT', 'lr'_2T^{O/<LK v<:fa^Sw-i]5\t yt.:I#?kSa(l 8A7H%/!E(c1dzX(r[}3YpB');
define('LOGGED_IN_SALT', '%^]P]dVVJ"Pgd[tW-.}mMvx..yRW+99E7yCVb:PYA-k1[2W0LHM^fG'XtPsuGF"y');
define('NONCE_SALT', ' 6quTRjx9eQ"6:$QrV]!q"8%38#NGh>ODwU:tw8&nU^Ci}_[`ItiWK]e|n t<f /');


Copy and paste these keys and salts into your .env file.

AUTH_KEY = 'EXOxcC~nqA{m{B?pw$$G^kIll&j@7K~\+rGaD!84>J^C2H.w"U\Ut<55\&W[ IdS'
SECURE_AUTH_KEY = 'z =Q9?I),/%7`E0jEM(#5VV'S NdLFYL<e2-jSyQoV*Jzxbs3`oIs;pZHcEH"2L&'
LOGGED_IN_KEY = 'H #u*_!('^[s>=4?$.s3?yo9KJk8Lv-Dn O6,ZCE>aFh-5KaXbBzV9#^t9rJuTgt'
NONCE_KEY = 'bdt.I)jh6Nz/e,|S-QepePTSd@93E$vk%oX1yd"A,DNExX+v&;>2>^Ni$G%l&YC9'
AUTH_SALT = '$81GB@i@ 0qW@~<<M$j`>yxQ )Q56PyJ6ukOnH]@_:}x-/BAm-Io]=CyJU^T(|7%'
SECURE_AUTH_SALT = '/k4O1L)q@7wJ^~;b`"U6X9s,~7iRAc8v-ypMOM|X.yN=0"gVh|x~$V +Mw(eZ33T'
LOGGED_IN_SALT = '_o_jpvW#iq}l-'Kc&vU}Tht\w,-:462z8=;!x3 =1NyD&[>k^EAZjm(F#=X+T(G''
NONCE_SALT = '.e1j7;9aWlqoBRdLEe?Vh9{m8V7:<PlAFa@,,(2o5En)^%x*[i\6sq[=*b#+-A0='


Rob Waller @RobDWaller

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