Poke 53280's Hurrican, based on Eiswuxe's source release from the 30th of January 2012.
C++ C Rust


To compile install Visual Studio 2010 and the DirectX SDK from June 2010 (the last one ever). Then press play on tape, everything else is included.

Original readme by Eiswuxe:

Hi guys,

I decided to release the sourcecode for Hurrican and its level editor to the public today, along with all the assets that the game contains.
You can take everything contained within this archive and do with it whatever you find appropriate (as long as you don't charge any money for it):
- modify it
- learn from it
- laugh about it
- use it to port the game to other platforms
- fix bugs :D
- release your own game

I have not touched these files for years, so don't expect that everything works out of the box! I trust in your skills to make it all run :)
Of course, I cannot be made responsible for any damage that this code might cause, physical or mental!

If you plan to use assets from the game in a COMMERCIAL release, please contact me at

It would be nice if you could give some credit to Poke53280 if you choose to use anything contained within this archive in your own releases. But it's not necessary. Since I would like to know how far this stuff travels, I would love to hear about your releases, just to see what you make of this old stuff. So feel free to tell me about your projects :)

cheers and have fun,