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Incorrect URL caused date search options not to work after clicking a…

… tag link on the index page
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1 parent 7f228ff commit 233f10c8f03df2e2a8e2f235fd995806ea8c201d Rob Fisher committed Feb 13, 2012
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@@ -583,7 +583,7 @@ def get_days_search(days):
def get_team_search(contact_id, days):
"""Return new Search object representing a search for mails sent to the specified contact in the last days days."""
- return Search([(_RecipientParameter.parameter_name, str(contact_id)), (_AgeInDaysParameter.parameter_name, str(days))])
+ return Search([(_RecipientParameter.parameter_name + '-1', str(contact_id)), (_AgeInDaysParameter.parameter_name, str(days))])
def get_search_from_url(url):

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